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Rapid creative problem solving for modern businesses

Solve problems faster with strategy sprints.

Your competition, consumer behaviour and social change continue to reshape our industries on what feels like a daily basis. Along the way, we've become paralyzed by data and can't seem to execute on ideas. Hyper-focused business planning and strategy sprint workshops will help your team work faster, prioritize next steps and look at business challenges in a whole new way. 

Break Down Silos

Designed to unshackle teams and drive a more creative mindset from anyone and any department.

Get Aligned

 Get even the most diverse group of stakeholders to agree on a path forward.

Prioritized Solutions

Walk away with an aligned vision and a plan so you can start implementing change quickly.

Use Facilitated Sprint Sessions for: 

Building a business plan

Annual or quarterly strategic planning

Innovation development & planning

Brand strategy

Go-to-market & launch strategy

Content & communication strategy

Company culture & team processes

Personal development & branding


What is a Strategy Sprint?

Rapid, facilitator led workshops that apply the principals from Design Sprints first introduced by Google Ventures, to business and brand strategy projects. ​​

How long does a Strategy Sprint take?

Strategy sprints are scalable workshops that can take anywhere from 1 hour to 1 week depending on the output required. We will work together to customize the solution that is right for you.

Benefits of a Strategy Sprint

Get shit done. Break down silos. Tap into curiosity and creativity. Better decision making. All while having fun!

Hello, I’m Sandra.

Creative strategist and problem solver.

After almost 20 years in brand strategy and communications I noticed a few inefficiencies. I grew tired of the time that I saw being wasted in boardrooms: endless meetings that would go nowhere, brainstorm sessions that produced unusable ideas and unmotivated members of the team. There had to be a better way.  


I've always loved ideating, creating, and making something special with other great minds. That's what led me to train in Creative Problem Solving & Design Sprint Facilitation. Now I apply those same tools and philosophies, alongside my Strategic Foresight training, to traditional strategic projects so you and your team can solve problems and remain relevant quickly.


  • Brand and communication strategy

  • Creative strategy and ideation

  • Strategic foresight

  • Digital strategy

  • Content strategy

  • Communication planning

  • Connection planning

  • Facilitation

  • Overall solver of problems


Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

  • Applied Strategic ForesightBringing Futures Thinking into Strategy

AJ & Smart​

  • Design Sprint Facilitation (the facilitation process Google uses)


Sandra is a phenomenal brand strategist. She is strategic, consumer-first, insights-driven, and an amazing brand builder. We worked on numerous projects and campaigns together at Canopy, and she was a brilliant collaborative partner​ every time.

Sherry Feng  

Global Head of Flower at Canopy Growth Corp

Brands & Partnership Experience

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