T'was the two months

before Christmas.


Canadian Tire


Digital Campaign


Christmas is one of the most cluttered time of year for retailers. We needed to find a way to get Canadian Tire noticed during this busy time, and keep consumers engaged over the 2 months leading up to Christmas Day.



Christmas is more than just a day, it is a holiday made up of individual celebrations. Past sales data combined with online behaviour uncovered that there were universal behaviours that were happening at each of these moments. Canadians kicked off the season by researching and then purchasing outdoor lights, followed by indoor decorations, and so on. Therefore we were able to predict what consumers wanted and could engage with them at the right time. This led the team to the idea “From start to Christmas”, a branded content platform of 25 pieces of content. By keeping the content fun and functional (and hitting them precisely at the right moment), we minimized message fatigue and ultimately drove the biggest results ever for an online Canadian Tire Christmas campaign.