Most delicious mobile app.


McDonald's Canada


Mobile App, Mobile Game, Digital Content


McDonald’s launched a new mobile app to provide consumers with the traditional app elements including weekly offers, nutrition information and more. The challenge was to drive downloads of this new app and increase the overall social engagement. All this, while creating an unexpected and joyful experience for McDonald’s lovers.



Who can resist a McDonald’s fry? The McDonald’s fries inspire a fiery passion among diehard fry fans. To get attention McDonald’s had an opportunity to tap into this asset, and to the audiences’ passion for McDonald’s fries. The fries no one can resist. The fries that just can’t be replicated. In Canada, there is a simple human truth that your fries never taste as good as stolen fries. Moreover, no one likes having their fries stolen by an unsuspecting friend. This led to Fry Defender. Lovers were now able to protect their beloved fries from their freeloading friends.